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Life in the Workhouse:

the story of the Milton Union, Kent

Life in the Workhouse

by Helen Alinson

The story of the dreaded spike!

A comprehensive, illustrated and indexed account of the Milton Union workhouse from 1834 to its closure and the continuing life of the building as a geriatric hospital. It is a story of harsh dealings with the poor which over the years was gradually softened

  • Riots when the new workhouse was set up
  • Early bleak years under an incompetent Master
  • How those who would not pick oakum or break stone were locked up
  • Tramps came in their thousands every year
  • Cholera epidemic
  • Poor design of the building with its rudimentary sanitation
  • The Master accused of being a spy during the First World War

Index, illustrations, 136 Pages, paperback. ISBN 0 904373 09 6

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