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Growing up in Edwardian London:

Maude’s Memories

Maude's Memories

by Maude Barker, edited by Helen Allinson


This is an unusual and charming book; a first-hand account of growing up in Edwardian London.

In 1962, when she was 70, Maude Barker wrote down memories of her early life for her grandchildren:

  • The daily life of a comfortable working-class family in Brixton and Peckham is brought to life
  • Visits to the Crystal Palace and the seaside are described with relish
  • The effect of the First World War on the lives of ordinary Londoners is shown
  • The growing independence of women is reflected in Maude’s experiences of working as a typist in the City.

All enhanced by the sketches Maude made.

135 pages, incl. illustrations & drawings , paperback. ISBN 978 0 904373 11 0

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