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Reviews of SynJon publications:

"Bredgar: The History of a Kentish Parish" - from The Journal of Kent History:

'I see this book as a most valuable part of the patchwork of history for a wide area of Kent. Beyond that…. it is the authors achievement in building up a picture of village rural life in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.…that raises this particular parish history well above the ordinary. It deserves wider readership.'

"The Journal of a Victorian Lady: Louisa Thomas of Hollingbourne" - from Local History:

‘complete with a family tree and a useful historical timeline the book is particularly exceptional in that it is one person’s first hand account of their life covering such a lengthy time span. It is a truly engrossing read of historical relevance.’

"A London Life 1930 - 1960" - from the journal of The London Society:

‘By the end of the book one feels that one knows members of the family and her close friends personally, Amid the plethora of domestic detail there occur suddenly moving passages; the so deeply described shock to a sensitive teenager of the discovery of the death camps bring a lump to the throat.’

"Where Duty Calls Me" - from Medal News:

‘This is a most interesting and unusual is exceptional to have this kind of record from the mouth of a private soldier..a jolly good read and highly recommended.’

"Life in the Workhouse" - from the Journal of Kent History:

"This book should interest many as it is not only an excellent account of the history of one particular workhouse, but it has a fascinating human element and deals with the sort of life that was experienced by many who were in workhouses in one capacity or another."