Shadrach Blundell: His Family & Property,1580 to Modern Times


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2nd Edition – fully revised 2003

by Dorothea Teague

A family history of the Blundells of East Bergholt, Suffolk, Horley, Surrey, Deptford, Greenwich and Chelsfield, Kent and their disputed estates.

Based on many years of careful research, the topics covered include:

    • Rumours of riches
    • Overcoming the loss of great estates
    • Chancery squabbles over 100 years

New chapters added to a fully revised second edition include:

    • Australian Pioneers, Convicts & Immigrants
    • Barnardo’s Child exports to Australia

The first edition was well reviewed:

“This particular family history is bound together by blood and property through many generations. Like all such stories it is a complex web of information and events. It is also a local history … of localities in Kent, London, Suffolk, Surrey and Sussex” (Local History)

“Mrs. Teague has made these people come alive for me whilst I read of their lives. She has obviously researched this book well, covering a great number of sources… she weaves (her material) into an easily read narrative and…this book is an inspiration to us all” (Kent Family History Society Journal)

Paperback, 222 pages, 27 illustrations, 5 fold-out family trees, Fully Indexed.

ISBN 0 904 373 07 X