The Diary of E.C. Close


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Published by Highland House Publications, Australia

June 2015 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, the final battle of the Peninsular Wars and the last defeat of Napoleon.

The book is a facsimile of the diary of Lt. Charles Close of the 48th Northamptonshire Regiment of Foot who fought in Portugal, Spain and France under the leadership of the Duke of Wellington. It is a graphic and often poignant account of his involvement in the war, with some keen observations of the towns and villages he visited and the local people he met. Although Close was not at Waterloo he served with distinction in seven of the major battles.

In 1817 Edward Close sailed for New South Wales with his regiment. He resigned his commission in 1822 and was a granted land on the Hunter River, part of which became the town of Morpeth. He was one of a group of former military officers who contributed a great deal to the development of the new colony and became known as Wellington’s Men in Australia.

The original handwritten diary is in the Mitchell Library, Sydney and this is a facsimile of a printed version published about 1900.

An in depth biography of Edward Charles Close will be available later this year.

70 pages (13cm x 17.5cm), paperback.

ISBN 978 0 9943065 0 0